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Repeal ObamaCare to Stop IRS Abuse

The IRS has admitted to targeting Americans who opposed the President’s big government agenda. This same IRS is the agency tasked with enforcing the many mandates, taxes, and regulations in ObamaCare.

What a chilling thought for most Americans. This is yet another reason why we must repeal Obama’s disastrous law.

Here are the elements of ObamaCare the IRS will police. This law will require thousands of new IRS agents and billions of dollars to enforce the law.

There are many reasons to repeal ObamaCare. But as more is revealed about this scandal, let’s not forget that President Obama chose to give the IRS extraordinary authority to enforce ObamaCare and oversee every American’s health care decisions. It is deeply concerning that all Americans will now be asked to turn over the private health insurance information about their children and families to an organization that has admitted to abusing the power which was entrusted to them.

Keep the IRS out of our health care by repealing ObamaCare now. #IRSMess

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